Oov Classes


Beginner and intermediate classes to introduce you to this durable foam tool that strengthens your muscles in a whole new way. A must try! 

Cost: ​     $25 per class (HST included) 

Pilates classes - instruction - private - group - Kitchener - Waterloo - Cambridge

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Building Body Awareness, Posture and Strength

Serving Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge

                                                  Class Levels / Descriptions 

Bedrock:  Learn the fundamentals of precise Pilates form. A gentle, challenging workout.
Consolidation:  Form and core strength come together in this intermediate level class.
Links:  An advanced level class providing a challenging workout for the entire body. 

OOV: A beginner or intermediate class to introduce you to this durable foam tool that strengthens your muscles in a whole new way. Must try!   

***  See below for schedule dates and pricing - Pricing is per session.        

    Studio Rates - Pilates                                                                                                 
      Group Pilates Mat Classes: 5 wk session = $110.00

      Group Pilates Mat Classes: 6 wk session = $132.00                                                                                                                      

      Group Pilates Mat Classes: 7 wk session = $154.00
      Group Pilates Mat Classes: 8 wk session = $176.00
      Initial Consultation for Private Instruction $100.00 (HST incl.)

      Private Pilates Session: 1 private session $90.00
      Semi Private Pilates Session: 2 people $100.00 (50.00/ each person)

      Semi Private Pilates Session: 3 people $105.00 (35.00/ each person)

      Semi Private Pilates Session: 4 people $110.00 (27.50/ each person)
      All prices are based on 1 hour of instruction. HST is included

Private Instruction
     Work one on one with an instructor to create a personalized program. This program can be taught on the Oov, mat, Reformer, Wunda Chair

     (Pilates  equipment)or a combination, suitable for your fitness goals. 
     The Reformer
      The Reformer is an exercise machine that uses spring resistance. It offers an extensive range of applications for everyone, from

      post-rehabilitation clients, everyday exercisers, to elite athletes. The Reformer helps to lengthen and strengthen muscles without bulk. Fun,

      unique and satisfying.
     Making Up Classes
       Any missed classes (limit of 2) must be made up within the current session, provided space is available in alternate choice of day and time.

      Paying by e-transfer

       Please send e-transfers by email to bedrockpilates@sympatico.ca   
      Missed Private Session
      24 hours notice is needed when cancelling a private session, otherwise the participant will be charged the full fee for the missed session

For Men & Women

What is the Oov?

The Oov is a device that mimics the movement of the spine. It strengthens your core 3-dimensionally through the use of balance, using a rocker system. It will help you find all your imbalances, correct them and strengthen your core in perfect alignment! 

Studio Rates - Oov instruction

   Cost:  $125.00 - 5 week session                                                             $150.00 - 6 week session                                                 $175.00 - 7 week session

                 $200.00 - 8 week session (HST included)

Private Oov Instruction

Initial Consultation $100.00
Private Oov Session: $90.00

Semi Private: 2 people $100.00 (50.00/ each person)
Semi Private: 3 people $105.00 (35/ each person)
Semi Private: 4 people $110.00 (27.50/ each person)

Bedrock Pilates

Pilates classes: 7 weeks - $154,    6 weeks $132

Oov classes:       7 weeks - $175,     6 weeks $150 


Keep in mind that class sizes are limited. Please indicate clearly choice of class, days and times with payment. Additional classes will be added or omitted based on demand.