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  • I have been going to Bedrock Pilates since 2006.  I had had a history of back issues for a long time but have not experienced any problems since I started doing Pilates.
  • Leigh Ann is extremely knowledgeable and always explains which muscles we are stretching or working.  She constantly watches her clients and ensures that the proper form and muscles are targeted.
  • The class atmosphere is very welcoming and you don’t feel judged as you sometimes do in a gym.  You don’t feel like you have to compete or keep up with the other people in the class. 
  • Leigh Ann always keeps the classes interesting and creative. She never seems to run out of new and improved ways to strengthen our muscles and bones.
  • Bedrock Pilates is the best!

Spring 2024 


Pilates is a strength based form of exercise that works from the inside of the body outward. We build core strength by recruiting deeper muscles as opposed to superficial muscles closer to the surface. 
With a stable core, we work outwards towards the muscle that give us shape and definition.Pilates enhances body awareness, posture, strength, and ease of movement throughout the body

Pilates classes - instruction - private - group - Kitchener - Waterloo - Cambridge

Pilates classes - instruction - private - group - Kitchener - Waterloo - Cambridge

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Bedrock Pilates

840 Trillium Drive, Kitchener - 519-571-0504

Group Classes or Private Instruction

Bedrock Pilates offers group classes with smaller class sizes so that you get the attention you deserve. Private and Semi-Private lessons are also available by appointment

Building Body Awareness, Posture and Strength

Bedrock Pilates Put a little life in your life!

Services Offered: 


  • Private YouTube Videos- with beginner, intermediate and advanced options

  • ZOOM Classes - private lessons or group classes delivered by Zoom  

  • 20 Minute Stretch Classes - designed to increase mobility and keep you moving. 

  • Private Instruction/lessons for the Oov, Reformer, Wunda chair, Mat and a variety of props